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The link between the raven and the writing desk

It was early 2012 when I first wrote this I think.

Courtesy of some pretty cool people, I was living in Saskatchewan, Canada in a small, northernly town called Prince Albert – as apt a name as any. I wrote it during a power-cut which went on to last for three days.

During my stay, I shared a basement with two ferrets, a Netflix account and a properly diverse library of books. That night – amid all the scratching and scuffling – I gave up trying to sleep and had a crack at something new.

This is the result. 

As I scout the old hall quickly –
My constitution turns quite sickly,
As I spot the blackbird perching – lurking on a chamber door.
“From Edgar Allan Poe you’re stealing!”
The bird’s remark does set me reeling –
“But one more verse!” I plead with feeling
The bird shrieked back “You ask for more?!”
The beast hops back and ponders more.
Quoth the raven “…No encore”

(The original, unsullied version (read by Christopher Lee) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BefliMlEzZ8 )