Using one type of magazine does not justify using the other – the Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Firstly, wherever the murdered staff of Charlie Hebdo might be, I’m pretty sure they’ll be feverishly knocking out cartoons rejoicing in the irony of religious fundamentalists destroying a satirical magazine.

Secondly, this tragedy hurts. By their very nature, tragedies do but this attack echoes across the whole world. How can you possibly reason with a mind who will look into someone’s eyes and end them because of an inane scribble? How do you co-exist? Is it worth even trying?

Finally, let me say I’m very proud of my friends. A quick scroll down my Facebook feed shows ten ‘pro-people’ posts to every vaguely xenophobic one. However, That’s still a huge percentage of negative messages – far bigger than it would have been 3 years ago and almost unthinkable 10 years previous.

No matter what drivel you’ve been fed – remember that these slaughtering eejits simply don’t represent Islam. They use religion as an excuse, not as a reason.

If you consider yourself Christian, do you empathise with the swathes of peadophilic priests in the Catholic church? How about Anders Behring Breivik – the Norwegian tosspot who murdered 77 people because of his political and Christian theories?

Or if you’re Jewish, would you have laughed and cheered along with your buddies as you watched a Palestinian junior school being bombed to the ground? Or even targeted the school in the first place?

Maybe – like me – you’re an atheist and dislike religion in pretty much all its forms. Imagine being likened to that snide arsehole Richard Dawkins. It doesnt bear thinking about.

Do not hate Muslims, hate terrorists.

But equally, hate anyone who suggests or implies that they’re one and the same.

‪#‎JesuisCharlie‬ ‪#‎Journalismisnotacrime‬


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