Killer Wales

For a variety of reasons – none of them interesting – I’ve been driving all around Wales in the last few weeks. Here are some of my thoughts:

1) Many people drive very, very slowly.
2) It’s often quite wet.
3) It takes a fairly long time to get anywhere if you’re not on the M4 (or, let’s be honest, even if you are)
4) The night sky in Brecon is outstandingly pretty. In fact, matched only by…
5) Wales itself. This is genuinely a staggeringly country to live in. We might not might be as grand or as spectacular as other places – the US, New Zealand etc. – but everything we do, we do it particularly well.

Fancy a mountain range? Ah, have one and a half.

Couple of picture-book fishing villages? Sure, we’ll even host a prison drama in one for good measure.

World class beach(es)? Might as well.

Ah balls to it, just have the history, we were done with it anyway.

But what makes Wales so special – the reason that more people really should pop by – is that we’re so unassuming about it all. Even as a proud local, I’m still amazed to drive through Snowdonia and find it’s just… there. All impressive. Same goes for most of Wales’ attractions (natural, purpose-built or otherwise).

We’re pretty lucky really.


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